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Segall IO

This is the story about the current site



For a long time, I desired to own a personal site in which I can write all about the stuff I’m doing and did, present my CV in a better way and sell my self better. In the beginning, I thought of collecting data from any social network oriented site but it was to complex. Instead, I went with a static site generator.

This is the story of segall.io.

The idea

So, At first, I thought of using Drupal. Drupal is a CMS in which I used for something like 7 years. It’s suited best for the mission: collecting a lot of data from Github, Facebook, and Twitter but, as I started to model the data, creating the theme layer, and starting to query the DB and handle a lot of data sets at once(a tweet from twitter, status from Facebook, image from Instagram, etc. etc.) I saw that it’s too much for a personal site and the time I’m spending it is too high. So, I forgot about the site. I have a LinkedIn profile which people can see my CV and is pretty much pretty good for now.

After a while, I said to my self: I'm probably going to be a freelance developer someday, computerised dreams is a good name and I had an awesome logo. So... Let's start with segall.io one more time.. I remembered that Hugo is a super fast static site generator and started to work on the site. The results you can see now, and it’s remarkable how easy and nice the experience is.

My two cents on the stack

hugo is an awesome site generator when comparing to jekyll, which seems to me as the default choice in this category. The installation was pretty easy. jekyll created in ruby and most of the times I did not have a good experience with jekyll: the ruby version is not matching, and then you need to install bundler and it never went smooth for me.

On the other hand, installing hugo was awesome: I installed it with brew and that’s it - I’m ready to start writing my site. After watching a couple of videos from introduction to Hugo by Mike Dane, the documentation on the official site, and the questions from the discussion board I created my personal site in just a couple of days.