If you can dream it - I can build it


Creating a bot framework based on PHP



When I worked at gizra there was a need for creating a chatbot in slack. My first weapon of choice was PHP because this was the most common language.

When I started to look for frameworks in PHP, none of the solutions I found was good enough. Yes, they had a lot of stars at Github but the work with them, and the architecture was not my cup of tea. So, I remembered in one of the unwritten rules in development: if you don’t find something that suits you - write it your self. I created something small that later on will grow into something bigger. Bigger than what I expected.

The idea

So first, why that name? In order to understand it let’s go to our Delorean time machine and had back a couple of years. I had enlightenment - let’s create a chat system that will be fully modular: the backend could be in any language, the front end could be in any language but the only thing that matters is that they will speak in the same way. Some kind of a protocol. I choose the name nuntius which means messaging in Latin. The idea was too big for one person but the name was too good to be forgotten.

When I came to scale the small script into something bigger, nuntius was a good choice. It sounds very exotic and probably no one would know what it really means, like any good name.

So, what nuntius gives us that other frameworks not? First, ease of development and elegance in writing what you need to handle: text recognition, setting up a dev environment, documentation that would be easy to read and with a very detailed code examples, a DB layer that can be abstracted to any DB there is entity system and much more.

The idea developed into something big and I bought a domain. I started to work on version 2.0 that will be much bigger than what we have now: modules system, better-caching layer, better entity system, plugins, and much more. But, I never got to finish the work.

My two cents on the stack

Up until that point, I never created a framework from scratch. I started to pick up PHP packages which can solve for me what I needed: Slack integration solved by a package which created by the PHP community, stuff like routing, file managing, dependency injection solved by Symfony.

Packages that did not exist, such as an abstraction for Facebook messenger, created by me and extracted for external packages so other developers could use them however they desire.