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Go-elm store

Using Elm and Go



Let’s look at the technologies - Go and Elm. Well, you might have heard of Go before(if not, I’ll get to that) but what is Elm? Elm is a functional programming language which looks like Haskell and eventually compiles into JS. I came across this language while working at gizra. You can read hereabout why choosing Elm and not go with the flow and use React or maybe the new version of Angular.

At the same time, I heard about Go - a language created by Google which solved the problems Google had. I decided to take a look and see what it all about. I saw a nice language, not that complex which looks to me as the future.

I did not have a lot of experience with Elm since the projects I worked on did not use Elm. I took the challenge for creating a small project with Elm and this my story with Elm and Go.

The idea

Half a year before the project conceived there was a trend of fake Oreilly’s books that make fun of the general look - on the cover, there’s an animal that doesn’t have any connection to the main topic of the book, a title, and subtitle that comes to elaborate on the content.

A friend of mine collected all the cover of the books. I decided to make an e-commerce site that sells the books. Overall, I tried to create a good experience with seeing all the books, showing a beautiful cart and having a cool checkout process with cool animations.

My two cents on the stack

Let’s talk about the DB: First, I want to talk about the DB I choose - RethinkDB. It’s a NoSQL DB which has orientation for realtime events and has an awesome query language. It’s also very easy to set up and have a built-in UI. But, the company behind the DB had some financial issues and shut down. Of course, the community stepped in but, for some reasons, the DB lost his fame and MongoDB remained the dominant DB in the NoSQL DBs. Personally, I love this DB and think it’s a good DB but, you can’t use a product like that in a production environment: security issues, a product that is not backed by a company is not a good selling item when arriving to do a pitch in front of client or CV bodies.

Let’s talk about the backend: Well, the work with Go was very refreshing in compare when working with languages like PHP or Python at the time: I liked the typing system, the dependency manager(though in big projects it can get very complex but that’s for another story), and the fact that the deployment process is very easy - compile the file and run as a service.

Let’s talk about the frontend: Well, Elm is not an easy language, IMO. The work with Elm was hard. Every time I approached to do something it was very complicated; Nothing was easy with Elm. But, if you thought that programming in Elm disables the need for writing JS code you are wrong. If we need to access local storage in the browser, or maybe interact with a JS package that we found first - we would need to write JS code for that. IMO, I would not recommend Elm as my first choice for writing apps.

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