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Using Tahini with VueJS



Usually, I create a project for the technologies I’ve learned. This time, I created a project for an idea I had based on an open source project I created - Tahini. I did not create the project for learning something, but maybe start something that later could have revenue. But, after a while, I saw there’s something like 10-100 sites that do the same thing so I decided to quit and make it as a side project for myself.

The idea

Let’s say you want to manage your incomes or build a budget for an upcoming trip. Usually, You’ll open a google spreadsheet or maybe a Microsoft Excel or using Numbers to design your budget. But, the look and feel of a huge table without separation into small blocks or the need to start and write mathematical formulas based on other cells in the spreadsheet might be exhausting.

Financeular looks at the solution a bit different: You’ll start by setting up your budget. Once it’s done you’ll see a stunning interface which you can create small blocks that dedicated to a different section of the budget - Food, visits, flight cost etc. etc.

But this solves only one case for managing a budget - a temporary budget in our case. What about a budget for a house which spread over a year? What if you could share your income and expenses with a professional that could help you create a much more balanced budget for your house. This could be achieved with a market place of professionals. But, unfortunately, this might never exist since the project was placed on the shelve and might never be alive.

My two cents on the stack

Let’s talk about the backend: Well, If you probably look on my other project in the portfolio you might say that PHP is the dominant language. Yes, it’s what I’m doing since I was 15. But except for the language, in PHP there’s something that I did not see much in Python, JS or Golang - dependency injection. Yes, that technique is one of my favorite techniques in the development world. it allows you to control your classes structure and order and help you to test your code much better.

Except for that, Symfony gives you a good way to order your code, and alongside doctrine(a PHP ORM) the modeling of the entities is pretty much awesome.

Let’s talk about the frontend: This is the first real project I used vue. For creating the files and configuration I used Vue CLI and the experience is good. I got so many things for free - typescript, routing, components order, store and much more. I did see something like Vue CLI for React. If something like this exists it needs a lot of publishing over the web.

Generally, the work with Vue is pretty delightful - no need for JSX or something like that. You just start to write you components pretty easily.

Youtube demo


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