If you can dream it - I can build it


it was my first attempt with React



Bonapetit is a dummy project, as most of my projects. After I learned in Frontend masters React and Node.js I needed to practice what I’ve learned.

The idea

Let’s say you have a food item: Egg, Butter, Milk, Apple, Banana, Ground beef, etc. And you don’t know what you can make with them or maybe which products you need to get in order to make something to eat. Well, with bonapetit you can do it.

Once you see the front page you can choose which products you own and select how the search will take place: Get recipes which contains only what you own or get recipes which contains what you have but with more products that you might not have or have but not aware of that combination.

My two cents on the stack

Let start with the backend: Working with node was pretty nice. Yes, it’s JavaScript, not my favorite language in the world, but the development was pretty easy. Installing node is pretty easy, setting up the server with express was easy as well and the work with mongoose and MongoDB was pretty much good for modeling data. Wiring up typescript and nodemon is well documented over the web. Creating a small and lightweight backend with NodeJS, MongoDB and Express is not that different from Symfony or Flask - there’s a lot of documentation, tools, and support from the community that makes your life very easy.

Let’s talk about the frontend: React has a lot of common with Vue - you start with the core: only the components and you start to layer up what you need: Routing system, HTTP requests, Store layer, and maybe CSS processors such as LESS or SASS.

Vue CLI has a lot of power: with a couple of settings, that could be saved for later, you get a lot of stuff with zero configs: typescript, VueX, Vue Router and a lot more(including a UI for managing your project). With React it simply does not exists. Yes, there could be some documentation around the web but if I’m doing a lot of projects I won’t clone the same repo and start to form that point. With Vue CLI I’m getting a lot of stuff with a couple of commands.

But, there’s another thing I need to consider - React has to support from a big company - Facebook - while Vue is supported by developers from the community and companies that willing support with money. Who can assure me that those companies won’t back down from the support they provide in two-three years? Who can make sure people still contribute to vue?

Youtube demo


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